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Bear Food

Lightly Salted Gourmet Pecans

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Virginia is known for peanuts. Georgia is known for Pecans. And if you love our peanuts, then you'll love our pecans! These Mammoth-Halve Desirable Georgia pecans are the the cream of the crop, coming from a small family farm in southwest Georgia. Lightly salted and roasted to perfection, we are proud to carry the best of the best. Beautiful color, buttery and full of flavor, you don't have to do much to make these pecans absolutely addicting. In one bite, you'll taste a sweet but succulent pecan flavor, and you'll finally understand why we say Georgia has the best pecans! Just a pinch of salt to bring out the flavor, and you'll never go back to another pecan again!

Ingredients: Mammoth Pecan Halves, Refined Peanut Oil, Salt.