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My name is Mac Brydon, and I am the Founder of Bear Food.  Let me share with you the vision and story of this innovative company.

Since I was young, my parents always encouraged me to go after my dreams…and to dream big! I've always loved basketball and set my sights to be on being a D-1 athlete.  After hard work and lots of ice bags, I was offered a spot at Mercer University in Macon, GA. Otherwise known as “Mercer Bears.”

After my sophomore year, it was time to move on. I considered transferring, but I had fallen in love with Mercer, the staff, and the friends I had made there. I wanted to stay but how could I pay for a small private school? Thus, the creation of Bear Food.

 My parents are originally from Virginia, and something Virginia is known for are their delicious, gourmet peanuts. My mom started selling Virginia peanuts in the early 2000's, and every Christmas the whole family would chip in to help. I still have memories of sitting in the living room with my brother gluing peanut can labels on for hours. We didn't mind though because we knew the more cans that were labeled, the more presents on Christmas! Anyway, these memories got me thinking, if people consistently bought peanuts from my mom every year, no matter what, I could probably sell them too! Even though I was in rival peanut territory at the time, Georgia, I knew there was a market. Boom! The Bear Food brand was made. While creating the company, outside of just designing a label and hopping into sales, I wanted to involve something that was close to my heart, and it involved my best friend and older brother, Miller.

Miller has Down’s Syndrome.  He had just graduated high school and was struggling to figure out his next steps.  Miller is smart, strong, funny, and an amazing dancer, but had never been given a springboard into adult life, like I had with college.  This is the typical story for many young adults with disabilities throughout America.  More than 80% of this community is unemployed and I wanted Bear Food to battle this trend. Through my lifetime experience, many of these young adults simply need a little direction and opportunity, and that’s why we've partnered with a local ministry who not only work to accomplish this, but offer them opportunities to share their gifts, build friendships and to serve others.

In every purchase of Bear Food, a portion is donated to Rainbow Express Ministries, our local partner a half-mile down the road. Through Rainbow Express, we help them develop seminars, events, and experiences to help young adults with disabilities continue to grow their job training and skillsets. 

Thank you for checking out our website and we hope you’ll give us the opportunity to fill an order for you soon!

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