Best Peanuts Ever!

"Received a container of Bear Food peanuts as a gift and I loved them. So like a dweeb, I searched Amazon for more and wound up ordering some from *(redacted)* that were terrible. I got a little smarter and googled Bear Food peanuts and found their website. I placed an order of Bear Mix and some other flavors to get the full experience. This mixture is hot enough without being too hot and the nuts are cooked just right. These are the jumbo Virginia nuts that are incredibly more delicious than the little runner nuts. Don't waste your money on anything but the best, and these peanuts are the best!"

-William S.

About Us

Welcome to Bear Food! Where we only sell the highest quality peanuts, pecans, and other gourmet selections.

We started out of a college dorm room, selling at baseball games and local boutiques, but now we have over 14 products in over 350 stores around the country!

With every purchase of Bear Food, we donate a portion to Rainbow Express Ministries, a local ministry offering young adults with and without disabilities opportunities to share their gifts, build friendships, and serve others.

Thank you for checking out our website and we're excited to fill your order for you soon!


Mac, Kylie, and my brother Miller Brydon

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