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Bear Food

Butter Toasted Gourmet Peanuts

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I mean, all great southern recipes have two things in common, “butta” and “sugah”. Slow cooked to form a crunchy toffee glaze, these sweet peanuts will satisfy any sweet tooth!

With hints of crackerjack and crunchy peanuts, you'll be in butter toasted heaven. These gourmet peanuts also of a hint of salt, so if you like a nice sweet and salty, these are perfect for you.

Ingredients: Peanuts, Sugar, Salt & Butter.

Customer Reviews

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Maria-Elena Mangum
Buy this as a gift...

I am gifting both cans of Butter Toasted to others. I have yet to sample this version of your peanuts

Stephen Krawitz
Sweet and crunchy

Not overly sweet with a satisfying crunch and then the peanut flavor comes through. Sort of addictive. But in a good way.